External Monitor Goes To Sleep Mode When Computer Lid Is Closed

Hi, May I suggest you update your link to Insomnia so it points to the developer’s own page, so people always get the latest version and the developer gets the credit deserved. I have found “insomniate” to be the best one so far. It doesnt move the mouse to keep the computer awake. It honestly also has the best looking UI too.

  • It’ll select all your drivers when a backup is to be made.
  • But in searching again and again….Thank you.
  • Please click the verification link in your email.
  • I exited WoW and went to Chrome to go to a website.

Cached data can sometimes cause issues like the comments error you’re facing right now. Try viewing a different video and see if you can view comments there.

How To Enable Tabs In File Explorer On Windows 11 22h2

Restart your browser and see if a problem like the black screen on Youtube has disappeared. If not, then let’s move on to the next solution. If you’re running YouTube on a computer and have issues with YouTube not working, there is a chance there are compatibility issues with the GPU . Try updating the drivers and see if that helps. Keep in mind this solution only works for computer users.

Transcribe With Google Docs

However, before you select your cloud storage, here’s what you must look at for. RecMaster comes with unique features like HD recording, picture in picture, and schedule antimalware service executable windows recording for every YouTube live stream no matter the size, quality or length. Also, since it is a screen recorder, you can also record live streams from other social platforms. RecMaster is such a one-click YouTube screen recorder and a perfect choice for beginners because of its easy and customizable user interface. Live streaming is becoming quite popular on a lot of social media platforms including YouTube.

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